Client: GEA
Contract Value: Approx £2M per annum
Coverage: National UK Mainland
Services provided:

Our strong relationship with the GEA Group has developed over a period of more than fifteen years and continues to grow, with ARH working across multiple divisions of the business based in Denmark, France and Germany. The nature of GEA’s process technologies requires high levels of professionalism and workmanship, from the initial designs and quotations, right through to completion and project handover. Our consistently high standards, industry expertise and sheer enthusiasm have put us in a particularly strong position for process technology tenders.

Throughout our partnership with the GEA Group, we have successfully completed a range of activities such as the installation of LV distribution systems, controls wiring, and cable and containment sizing, all of which is calculated and verified by our in-house design and estimating team. By directly employing skilled stainless welders who can install containment prior to the cabling process, and by installing equipment using our experienced engineers and in-house team, we can keep tighter control of quality and programme progression. This also allows for bespoke brackets and containment to be fabricated on-site, providing quick solutions to problematic situations, building designs or layouts. Our approach of delivering primary tasks by directly-employed engineers and staff has proven to be the best method of combining and balancing quality control, cost and prompt deliverys.

LV distribution systems, such as those utilised by the GEA Group, can be installed from existing motor control centre (MCC) panels, new systems or upgrades can be created. With an in-depth understanding of equipment and site demands, we are able to provide a number of power services to ensure sufficient on-site capacity. Our control cabling to ancillaries is undertaken to provide power and control to items such as pumps, auto valves and instrumentation. Termination schedules can be created and maintained by our in-house CAD team, which maintains a tight control of content and quality. The wiring systems incorporated include ASI, Profibus and Ethernet systems amongst others. During the design and installation stages, co-ordination with the GEA Group and the client or principle contractor is essential and ensures that all services and trades integrate during the installation and operation. The positioning of containment, for example, often has to be adapted and with their wiring expertise, our team are able to compromise and adapt to provide the best end solution for our clients.

ARH Group regularly works in changing environments where installation may be undertaken while the site is still in a construction stage, or during existing product production. Each scenario brings with it a different set of challenges and requirements that the firm must meet. Health and safety is a priority at all times, with increased risk during the construction stages and hygiene issues to take into consideration to ensure zero contamination of existing product lines which may be  in close proximity to new adaptations or extension works. We have successfully delivered projects ranging from £10,000 to £1,000,000 for the GEA Group and look forward to continuing to work together on new and varied projects in the future.


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