Client: Pets at Home, Companion Care and Vets 4 Pets
Contract Value: Approx £1 million per annum
Coverage: National (300+ stores)
Services provided:

Initial contact was made regarding electrical testing works but following successful meetings and presentations, ARH was awarded a five year contract for planned and reactive works across the entire estate of over 1000+ retail stores. Over the duration of the contract ARH has demonstrated a robust business model and reliable service provision, now providing maintenance services for everything, from reactive and planned works to mechanical equipment, building fabric and air conditioning.

A close working relationship has been developed and nurtured to ensure ARH understands the subtleties of the clients’ requirements and continually and pro-actively looks for potential enhancements to maintenance, equipment selection and site practices. The integrated approach between Pets at Home property department and our helpdesk ensures efficient and accurate job capture, enabling quicker responses and improved reporting. The support provided to Pets at Home has demonstrated our reliability to schedule and control planned servicing, ensuring legal compliance of sites with all relevant legislation.

ARH has demonstrated during the contract term that correct and regular maintenance effectively helps reduce costs. The reactive spend has significantly dropped with regards to AC works, where the previous contractor had done little or no planned servicing. We have also incorporated staff training on equipment settings, eg AC unit temperatures, into service visits and this has resulted in reduced energy bills and less reactive callouts. Where issues have been raised, the amount of fixes undertaken remotely has increased by being able to talk staff through a range of scenarios rather an engineer having to attend on site.

Our dedicated Client Portal has been a key part of service provision to Pets at Home, providing easy and quick access to information across all disciplines, including invoices, quotes, and certificates at the click of a button. Additional information is now hosted online for the benefit of the client. For example, a user manual for specified equipment which helps our client’s own help desk carry out remote fixes in-house, we also produce a monthly MI report, which the customer receives electronically as well as through the Portal. This highlights ARH’s aim to provide our clients with as much information and support as they require to be able to provide cost-effective maintenance provision.


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